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Hey! Is that really your ass pussy in the pic where your stockings are ripped and there is cream all around your hole?

Because if it is I have to say that is the hottest and tastiest looking butthole I have ever seen on anyone and I want a taste;)
I would also like to add my cum to the pile if possible?

I saw your post to get fucked asap. I wish I could have you over but my wife is home sick for the weekend. But hopefully Monday during the day might be a good time to have you over. I'm in South Etobicoke

Let me know okay hot stuff!


Mitso Hornee

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Bon voyage Anal pig! Don't fall on anything too big while you're away.
We wouldn't want you to damage that pretty little hole of yours you feel is worth paying for lol.

Message 3

Yes we!...... Your loyal ass loving entourage;)

How much do you charge to lick and stick that pretty little hole of yours on my time?

Maybe I will take a hammer to my piggy bank for you lol.

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WE! We! My horny friends and me!

Quit squealing you little pig! Wait 'till I stick you and then you can squeal........ all the way home!

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Ah! Is that the we you're looking for my suckling pig. Alas she still won't come out and play but you and I can have some fun and when the time comes for her to join in on the party I may put you high on the list.

How does that sound to you? I mean we both like anal games so let's play!

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At 6.5 inches not big enough for your hungry hole or mine neither.
That's why my wife uses her fist up my ass because it's a monster like yours.
Perhaps one day she will fist both our asses at the same time! Would you like that?

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You are an anal pig! A sissy cockwhore! #ho's mouth is only good for choking on big dick so you can't say anything stupid.

So go fuck a train you filthy piece of shit!

I'm sure you will love it when it goes up your ass and comes bursting out your mouth anyway!

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Oh I can choke you with your own serpent tongue. If you don't believe me just watch me when we meet;)

Message 9

Why don't you try me and find out for yourself?


 で、すさまじく調子に乗り始めてきたのです。おれっち、一回目の返事以外はほぼ一分の短い返事だったんですけどね・・・ 意味のわからない自信を前に押してくるきもいメールに、肉棒のサイズを聞いて、そのあとに「何があなたをそんなに自意識過剰にするの?は?」って感じの返答を二発いてこましたら、逃げていきました。

 何を根拠にこんなメールをがんがん送ってこれるのかが不思議ですね。しかも、一発目のメールから意味わからんし。何で、そんなにASAPで相手を探していることになってるんだい?そんなこと、Adに書いてないんですけどねえ・・・ 暇な日を提示しただけですから。




おいらもfetilife やってますので



Im poor of writing and speaking in English.

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